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Announcements & Notices

Signature Update Notice (F.S. 98.077):

  • It is very important that you keep a current updated signature on file with this office. You may update your voter registration signature at any time by submitting a Florida Voter Registration Application to the Supervisor of Elections Office. You may obtain a voter registration form online at RegisterToVoteFlorida.gov or you may pick up a voter registration form at any public service agency, library, or city hall. You may also obtain one by calling the Bay County Supervisor of Elections office at (850) 784-6100 or by coming to our office at 830 W. 11th Street, Panama City.
  • If your signature has changed over the years, update it now! All Vote by Mail Ballot signatures shall be compared to your most current signature on file. If it does not match, the canvassing board must and will reject your Vote by Mail ballot under legal requirements.

 Notice to Potential Ineligible Voters

2024 Elections

Presidential Preference Primary Election 

Municipal Election 

Primary Election

  • Early Voting: Monday, August 5th - Saturday, August 17th 2024
  • Election Day: Tuesday, August 20th 2024

General Election

  • Early Voting: Monday, October 21st - Saturday, November 2nd 2024
  • Election Day: Tuesday, November 5th 2024

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Vote By Mail Ballot Inspection

  • The Supervisor of Elections office will begin reviewing vote by mail ballot signatures up to 50 days prior to Election Day and continue daily.
  • A candidate, a political party official, or a political committee official, or an authorized designee thereof, shall be granted reasonable access upon request to review or inspect ballot materials before canvassing or tabulation following the submittal and acceptance of this request. 2024 PPP Vote By Mail Ballot Inspection Request Form
  • You will be contacted once your request has been processed. 


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